NATO mocks Ukrainian military: BILD criticized the decision of the Vilnius summit on Ukraine

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Alliance leaders from safe Vilnius 'send a signal' to soldiers in the trenches

The German newspaper BILD is outraged by the final statements of the NATO summit in Vilnius. Paul Ronzheimer, deputy editor-in-chief of the publication, said in his article that the North Atlantic alliance was mocking the Ukrainian military on the frontline.

According to the BILD, the way NATO "justifies its reluctance to give Ukraine a specific deadline for accession" causes "real excitement." Thus, the terms of the "roadmap" included "modernization of Ukraine's Armed Forces."

"Can you imagine: heads of state and government sitting in safe Vilnius and sending a signal to all Ukrainian soldiers in the trenches that they are unfortunately not yet modern enough for NATO? Pardon me. How spat upon should the military feel?" Ronzheimer writes.

The journalist recalled that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the AFU has defended Kyiv, recaptured territories in Kherson and Kharkiv, and fights every day on the front lines for Ukraine's freedom.

Although previously few believed that the Ukrainian army could stand up to Russia, many Western politicians gave Ukraine only a few days to survive.

However, NATO leaders' excuses are absurd for another reason: the Alliance countries are hiding why they don't want to give Ukraine a roadmap yet, Ronzheimer said.

"There are fears in the US, as well as in Germany and elsewhere, that there could be a further escalation of relations with Vladimir Putin if a concrete commitment is made. No one explains exactly what that escalation looks like, but in the end, the question is whether and how the war can be ended," the article says.

It is also noted that it is no coincidence that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that he wants to call Vladimir Putin again. In addition, since the counter-offensive of the AFU "is not going as well as some had hoped, there is constant talk behind closed doors that perhaps it is time to start negotiations," the journalist writes.

"It is clear that the belief that Ukraine can regain all of its territory is not present anywhere else in NATO, at least at this point. U.S. President Joe Biden and Chancellor Olaf Scholz must openly state the reasons why they do not want a NATO roadmap for Ukraine. Ukraine deserves the truth and especially the soldiers lying in the trenches at the front," Ronzheimer said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On July 12, the second day of the NATO summit took place in Vilnius. The Ukrainian delegation continued bilateral talks with partners on strengthening the AFU on the battlefield, the first inaugural meeting of the Council Ukraine-NATO was also held.

- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the results of the summit good, but he said they would have been ideal if Ukraine had received an invitation to the Alliance.

- The G7 leaders agreed on security guarantees for Ukraine, calling them "historic." The goal of the respective commitments is "to build a Ukraine that can defend its territorial integrity now and in the future."

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