Iran remains Russia's main military backbone: US comments on military partnership between Moscow and Tehran

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Russia and Iran deepen military partnership

Iran remains one of the main pillars for Russia in its war against Ukraine. And the military partnership between the two countries is only getting stronger.

This was stated by Deputy Press Secretary of the US State Department Vedant Patel on Tuesday, 25 July, during a briefing in Washington.

Patel was asked to comment on US intelligence information that Iran is helping Russia build a drone manufacturing plant.

"Iran remains Russia's main military backbone," the State Department official said in response.

He recalled the military assistance Iran had already provided to Russia after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

"Russia has received hundreds of disposable strike UAVs from Iran, as well as equipment for the production of drones," Vedant Patel stated.

In this context, the State Department representative noted that Russian forces used Iranian drones to strike Kyiv to terrorise the Ukrainian population.

According to Patel, Iran has not stopped providing military assistance to Russia, and the partnership between the two countries is only growing.

"This military partnership between Russia and Iran continues to deepen," the State Department spokesman stressed.

It is worth reminding that Russia recently managed to spoil relations with Iran by questioning the ownership of certain territories. In response to Russia's provocation, Iran said it supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

US intelligence has indicated that Iran is helping Russia build a UAV manufacturing plant that could start operating as early as next year. Thus, Tehran is helping the Kremlin to establish a steady supply of weapons for the war in Ukraine.

It has also been reported that Tehran uses Chinese components to produce Shaheds for Russia. Details of China's production were found in Iranian kamikaze drones shot down in Ukraine.

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