If Europe had been better prepared, Putin would not have attacked Ukraine - Tusk

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Donald Tusk calls on EU countries to join forces to improve defense capabilities. Source: Photo: onet.pl

European countries must now significantly improve their defense capabilities. At one time, they lacked the foresight to recognize the threat from Russia, and if the EU had been better prepared in terms of security, Russia might not have attacked Ukraine.

This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk during the European Economic Congress in Katowice. He was quoted by Onet .

The head of the Polish government emphasized that today Europe should become a safe continent thanks to its efforts, including defense.

"It is not that Ukraine, given the imbalances, should lose to Russia. No! If Europe had been better prepared, if Europe and European leaders had had enough imagination many years ago, if Europe had been better prepared for such difficult times, then perhaps Russia would not have dared to attack our friend Ukraine," Tusk emphasized.

He noted that never before in the history of the EU have political leaders been so unanimous about what needs to be done in Europe. A few months ago, "a very important signal was sent from Poland that these are not empty words," Tusk added.

"History has come back to us, and in its most physical dimension. Today, the European Union must become a secure continent through its own efforts. This does not mean that Ukraine should lose the war. If Europe had been better prepared, Russia might not have dared to attack our friend Ukraine," Tusk said.

He emphasized that the European Union must make efforts over the next few months to increase its defense capabilities so that no one dares to attack. To do this, European countries must join forces.

Tusk recalled the times of the coronavirus pandemic and emphasized that Europeans then united to fight the virus. And the evil of Putin's Russia is much more dangerous than the virus

"We have to realize that we can do more to fight the evil that is much more dangerous than this virus. Europe will be safe provided that the sky above Europe is safe... There is no room for disputes and internal competition," Tusk said.

He added that border protection should also become a priority for Europe due to massive illegal migration.

As reported, Warsaw has submitted an official request to deploy NATO nuclear weapons on its territory. Poland also wants to strengthen its long-range missile strike capabilities.

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