"Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs": Budapest demands the resignation of Peter Szijjarto for his pro-Russian position. Photos and video

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In Hungary, not everyone agrees with the policy of the pro-Russian government
In Hungary, not everyone agrees with the policy of the pro-Russian government. Source: Facebook Tompos Márton

Hungary's opposition called for the resignation of Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto after the scandal of Russian spying on the Hungarian foreign ministry. On June 4, activists hung a Russian flag near the Foreign Ministry building in Budapest and put up stickers with the words "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hungarian Region" in Russian.

According to 444.hu, interim MP from the Momentum political party, Marton Tompos, explained that these signs expose the real owner of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry – the Russian Federation. Tompos was outraged that diplomats had "leaked" "all our data" to the Kremlin.

"What did the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs do when it turned out that Russian hackers had hacked the system? Nothing. Three months later, Peter Szijjarto received the Order of Friendship from them. This is not only a betrayal, it is a criminal case," the politician is convinced.

Activists place Russian flag outside the Hungarian Foreign Ministry to protest against Szijjarto's policy
The tricolor in Budapest
Hungarian MP Marton Tompos

He is referring to the recent scandal when it was revealed that the GRU, SVR, and FSB of the aggressor state hacked into the systems of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry and in several cases stole data and redirected correspondence to themselves – in fact, they saw everything that was happening in the foreign ministry.

Even after these events, two months later, Szijjártó received the Order of Friendship from his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, "for his services to the development of bilateral relations." The opposition is convinced that the Hungarian foreign minister knew about the illegal activities of Russian cybercriminals.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

– Recently, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that his country has not yet decided whether to participate in the Peace Summit in Switzerland to end the war in Ukraine. According to him, Budapest is not at war and Russia "did not attack them."

– According to Politico, Hungary is resisting the EU's sanctions against Russian liquefied natural gas exports. The Budapest authorities promise to block any restrictions that raise energy prices in Europe.

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