Estonian PM refuses to resign after the scandal on her husband's links with Russian bussiness

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Estonian prime minister refuses to resign

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas does not intend to resign from her post after the scandal related to her husband's "business in Russia". She also called the selling of unsanctioned goods in Russia a question of moral compass.

Kallas said this in an interview with ERR Estonian broadcaster. It should be noted that the recent scandal came amid the fact that the prime minister's husband had an ownership stake in a firm that handled transportation for a client in Russia.

"I have no plans to resign. As prime minister, I have stood and will continue to stand for the freedom of Ukraine and Estonia," Kaja Kallas replied.

She also stated that companies violating the sanctions should be held accountable. At the same time, the interaction with Russian customers concerning unsanctioned goods is a matter of moral compass.

"Subsanctioned goods should be penalized, the rest of the business is a matter of moral compass," Kallas said.

Kallas has previously clarified that Stark Logistics, where her husband Arvo Hallik has an ownership stake, conducted the transportation not for a Russian partner, but for an Estonian company with business in Russia. She also claims that she was not aware of these particular aspects of her husband's business activities before this scandal emerged.

It was previously reported that Stark Logistics, a company that supplies raw materials to Russia for the production of aerosol cans, has reduced transportation but has not stopped receiving profits from the aggressor state since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Estonian President Alar Karis demands an explanation from the prime minister.

It should be noted that Kaja Kallas is also one of the most active supporters of Ukraine's European integration. She is convinced that our country should become part of NATO, as it will provide security not only to the Ukrainian people but also to all countries within the Alliance.

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