Central part of the USA hit by powerful winter storm: traffic is on the verge of collapse

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Several US states hit by winter storm Donovan

On Christmas Day, the northern and central United States was hit by a powerful winter storm called Donovan. Due to snowfall and strong winds, traffic on major highways in several states was severely hampered during the holiday season.

This was reported by The Weather Channel. Forecasters note that the blizzard warning will remain in effect until Wednesday, December 27.

"Wind gusts will reach 60 miles per hour (up to 96 km/h - Ed.)," the forecast says.

On Tuesday, December 26, snowstorms hit the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. The amount of precipitation there could reach 150 millimeters, according to the weather warnings received by locals.

Due to the rain and frost, roads, trees and power lines may become icy in some areas.

The storm is expected to cover a large area of the United States in the coming days. Massive transportation disruptions are already being reported in the country due to the storm, and problems on highways, airports and railways are also expected.

The situation on the roads.
Massive transport disruptions in the US due to bad weather.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, abnormal heat is expected in almost all regions of Ukraine on New Year's Eve. In some regions of our country, thermometers will show up to +10 degrees on January 1.

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