Will give an opportunity to break the enemy's logistics: the NYT explained the importance of the AFU offensive near Kreminna in the Luhansk region. Map

The AFU will be able to interrupt the logistics line of the occupants if there is a counteroffensive near Kreminna

Along the front line around the towns of Kupyansk, Svatove and Kreminna, the Russians are conducting constant assaults. At the same time, if the AFU can hold their positions and advance towards Kreminna, they will be able to interrupt an important Russian logistical line and bypass the rear of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian commanders tell in the interview for The New York Times. Along the entire front line, Russian troops are mostly in a defensive position, but the occupiers are conducting constant offensive operations in the aforementioned directions.

Recently, there has been an increase in the intensity of hostilities in the direction of Kupyansk (Kharkiv Region) and Liman (Donetsk Region). According to the Ukrainian military, the Russians have managed to intensify their assaults in these regions in recent weeks. The occupiers claim successes in these territories, but analysts note that the advance of the Russian army is insignificant.

The Ukrainian military tells us that the occupiers can fire two to three times more shells per day than the Defense Forces. The Ukrainians are facing a well-known fighting scenario, already repeatedly used by Russia. This scenario consists of Russia trying to make small gains while relying on large amounts of personnel and weapons.

Also, AFU commanders claim that the occupiers are forming special "Z" units for the assault, which are partly composed of prisoners. Chechen troops are sitting on the second lines of trenches, acting as barrier units and shooting at those who try to retreat.

According to the publication, if Ukrainian forces manage to maintain their positions in the direction of Kreminna and advance, this will open up the possibility of a further offensive along the route all the way to Bakhmut.

"On the contrary, if the Ukrainians are able to hold their positions and advance towards Kreminna, they can break Russia's important logistical line and try to bypass the rear of Bakhmut, Ukrainian commanders say," the piece says.

At the same time, the Kremlin does not want to give up its ambitions to conquer the entire eastern Donbass, and in case the Ukrainian lines in the north break through and advance to Liman, the Kremlin will be able to present this as its victory.

Earlier it was reported that the AFU soldiers stormed the "green field" in the Bakhmut direction and drove out the occupants. The defenders also won trophies, among them a DShK machine gun. The assault was carried out by soldiers of the 3rd company of the 1st assault battalion of the brigade.

Also earlier the AFU soldiers near Bakhmut captured two occupants-drug addicts. They, being on the front line, smoked weed and said that they were allowed to do it "by the deputy commander".

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