Whether there will be a great war in Europe depends on the determination of allies to help Ukraine - Kuleba

Dmytro Kuleba: The question of war or peace in Europe depends on the allies' determination to really help Ukraine overcome Russian aggression. Source: MFA

Whether or not there will be a major war in Europe depends on the allies' determination to help Ukraine. The timely provision of all necessary weapons and ammunition for Ukrainian soldiers is in the pragmatic interests of our partners as Russia's aggressive plans go far beyond our country.

This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba on May 16 during an online speech at the Impact'24 conference in Poznan, Poland. This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Over the past few years, Ukraine has won on the battlefield whenever it had enough resources. At the same time, when we face a deficit, the situation worsens. Our victories are your victories. Our failures are your failures," the minister said.

The Foreign Minister noted that it is in the partners' own interests to support Ukraine because when Ukraine succeeds on the battlefield, political opponents of the current governments have fewer arguments to criticize. Instead, they can use the difficult situation to amplify their accusations.

The diplomat emphasized that Ukraine's ability to resist and fight is a shared responsibility of all partners as this war concerns not only our country but the Kremlin's aggressive plans go far beyond its borders.

"Whether there will be peace or a great war in Europe now depends on the determination of Europe and its allies to really help Ukraine overcome Russian aggression. The only condition for this to become a reality is to provide us with all the necessary weapons and to do so without delay," the minister emphasized.

Dmytro Kuleba pointed out to the allies the need to disrupt the Russian regime's aggressive plans for Ukraine and the rest of Europe as the fate of the entire European continent depends on it. The Foreign Minister reminded that the Russian dictator will not stop until he is stopped.

"Before the invasion, Putin clearly outlined his crazy ambitions: returning NATO to its 1997 geopolitical borders. In the Russian dictator's mind, he is already at war with the EU and NATO. Russia is already using energy blackmail, interfering in elections, bribing politicians, blowing up military depots, poisoning people, using migrants as weapons, etc.", the minister said.

The diplomat noted that the allies are currently facing a key task: to have strategic endurance to achieve a common victory.

"History proves that those who do not give up sooner or later get back what is theirs. Sooner or later, the Putin regime will fall. The key task of the Euro-Atlantic community is to have strategic endurance and work together to strengthen common resilience and security," the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said.

Dmytro Kuleba also expressed his gratitude to Poland for supporting Ukraine from the first days of the Russian invasion, in particular, the prompt supply of military equipment and the creation of a logistics hub in Rzeszow.

As reported, Denmark will supply the first F-16 aircraft to Ukraine in the summer of 2024, and the process will continue in the fall. After that, the Netherlands plans to start sending fighters to our country.

The Dutch government has also decided to urgently allocate additional funds to Ukraine as part of the partners' initiative to provide the country with air defense systems and artillery ammunition. The amount is over €200 million.

Earlier, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte took the initiative to buy Patriot systems from countries that do not want to directly transfer them to Ukraine.

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