We must never give our friends any reason to doubt America's resolve - Llyod Austin on aid for Ukraine

We must never give our friends any reason to doubt America's resolve - Llyod Austin on aid for Ukraine

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the adoption of the important law by the Congress will help support Ukraine and Israel, as well as strengthen security in the Indo-Pacific region. According to him, the United States continues to stand with its allies and partners around the world.

Austin also said that the United States should not give its partners any doubt about its resolve. This is stated in a statement on the Pentagon's website.

According to the Defense Secretary, the bipartisan law will increase the amount of vital security assistance to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression. At the same time, Austin noted that this law is also an important investment in America's future.

"By providing nearly $50 billion that will go directly to our defense industrial base, this bill will create good American jobs in more than 30 states while strengthening the long-term security of the United States," Austin said.

The Pentagon chief is confident that the adopted laws will make America safer and save lives.

"America's long-term security is still at risk. We must never give our friends, our rivals, or our enemies a reason to doubt America's resolve," the Pentagon chief said.

As a reminder, on April 20, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on further U.S. assistance to Ukraine and supported the bill. The vote was 311 in favor (101 Republicans + 210 Democrats) and 112 against. The aid package must now be approved by the Senate (the upper house of the U.S. Congress). Senators will start voting for the document on Tuesday, April 23.

As reported, the first batch of military aid from the United States may be delivered to Ukraine in a few days after the relevant law is signed by US President Joe Biden, if it is approved by the Senate. The weapons in question are from Pentagon stockpiles in Germany.

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