Ukrainian defence forces destroy enemy electronic warfare equipment in the south: latest report

War in Ukraine

The situation in southern Ukraine remains tense. The enemy keeps its ships in the Black and Azov Seas and uses tactical aircraft and artillery to strike the government-controlled part of Kherson region, primarily civilian infrastructure and residential buildings.

At the same time, the invaders are suffering losses: the day before, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated more than 40 occupants and up to 20 pieces of enemy equipment and weapons, including an electronic warfare station, the Southern Defence Forces reported.

Despite the fact that no drastic changes in the state, composition and nature of the Russian occupiers' actions have been recorded, and there are no signs that the enemy is forming offensive groups, the operational situation in the area of responsibility of the Southern Defence Forces remains tense.

Thus, the enemy keeps 12 warships in the Black Sea (10 units) and the Sea of Azov (two units). In particular, a missile carrier armed with six Kalibr cruise missiles is on combat duty in the Azov Sea.

"In addition, the enemy occasionally demonstrates its air presence over the Black Sea: the night before, it activated tactical aircraft, sending them to the area of Zmiinyi Island. In the Beryslav district of Kherson region, enemy tactical aircraft struck civilian infrastructure with three SAMs. Fortunately, no people were injured," the Southern Defence Forces added.

Enemy artillery shelling continues in Kherson region. The day before, the invaders carried out more than 70 artillery attacks, launching over 360 shells.

In particular, 12 settlements of Kherson region came under Russian fire: 2 multi-storey buildings and 9 private houses, a gym, a private farm and a poultry farm were damaged. There was one civilian casualty.

Ukrainian soldiers are not killing civilians, but Russian occupiers. Yes, it was destroyed the day before:

  • 42 occupants
  • 5 guns
  • 8 units of armoured vehicles
  • 1 boat
  • a set of antenna system for the Pole-21 electronic warfare station
  • small-sized electronic warfare station

"We are moving forward, together to Victory!" - assured the Defence Forces of Southern Ukraine.

The front line in the Kherson area.

This morning, Russia's irrecoverable losses in manpower during the full-scale war in Ukraine exceeded 260,000 people. The day before, on 25 August, 640 Russian occupants were eliminated.

The defenders also destroyed 90 pieces of enemy equipment and weapons over the day. In particular, the Russians lost 18 artillery systems and armoured personnel carriers, as well as 12 tanks.

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