"They didn't even want to give us ammunition": an occupier complained to his wife about the attitude of commanders to the mobilised. Interception

The occupier complained about losses at the front and the flight of commanders

Tensions are growing among the occupiers because of the situation at the front and the heavy losses in personnel. Russian soldiers are complaining about the lack of ammunition and the command leaving them to their own devices.

Ukraine's military intelligence intercepted a telephone conversation between the occupier and his wife, in which he complains that they have "two hundreths" even in the rear. The corresponding audio recording was released by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video).

According to the occupier, soldiers from his platoon recently travelled to Luhansk. Their trip ended with one dead and two wounded among them. And it was those invaders who were "standing in the rear".

The occupier also said that they no longer have a commander, he left long ago. There are no other leaders there either. In fact, they were simply left alone. And without ammunition.

He complained that he and his friend had to "get" a machine gun and some ammunition. According to him, the Russian army does not even want to give ammunition to its own people.

He also admitted that most of the time he and his comrades do not go anywhere - they are afraid because they are shot at from all sides. If they do go somewhere, they use vehicles stolen from locals.

The occupier also told his wife that, despite the commander's promise to send them to the rear, they ended up on the front line. According to him, they have no one to complain to - their commanders have abandoned them, and the military authorities are afraid to come here.

Now, the occupier says, they simply do not know what to do.

"I don't know what and how, what will it look like? Everyone is afraid to come here," the invader complains to his wife.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian Armed Forces units continue to suffer heavy losses in Ukraine. Soldiers are unwilling to take part in hostilities, and even some commanders refuse to follow orders.

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