The moment of Shahed drone strike on Romanian territory was caught on camera: the network pointed out an important nuance

Falling of an Iranian-made drone launched by the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of a NATO country
Falling of an Iranian-made drone launched by the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of a NATO country

A video that allegedly caught the moment when a Shahed kamikaze drone of Russian occupants crashed in Romania appeared online. Judging by this footage, the Air Defense of Ukraine's neighboring country did not attempt to shoot down the UAV.

The video appeared on the STERNENKO Telegram on September 7. A massive Russian attack, during which some of the enemy's drones could have landed on the territory of a NATO member state, took place on the night of September 4 (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

A kamikaze drone explosion.

The video shows the distinct sound of an Iranian-made drone. Then a bright flash is seen in the sky and the sound of an explosion is heard. The author of the video recorded that the drone detonated on the opposite shore.

"Romania. F*ck!" the girl who was filming emotionally reacted.

Activist Serhiy Sternenko believes that the drone slowed down its engine speed before impact. This is characteristic of Shahed-136 at the moment when it hits the target.

"There was no Air Defense work during the strike, which means that the drone hit the territory of Romania and that it was programmed that way by the Russians," the blogger suggested.



- On September 7, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that they have no information indicating deliberate actions on the part of the aggressor country Russia during the incident in Romania.

- The country's President Klaus Iohannis demanded an urgent and professional investigation of the origin of the wreckage and the circumstances under which it ended up in Romania.

- Iohannis then denied the downing of the Russian Shahed dron on the territory of his state.

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