The bill on mobilization permit of convicts is ready to be submitted to the Rada - Minister of Justice Maliuska

The decision to mobilize a citizen with a criminal record should be made in the bodies of the Territorial Center for Recruitment

Ukraine will have separate military units made up of convicts. The relevant draft law is ready for submission to the parliament.

This was stated by Minister of Justice Denys Maliuska during a TV marathon. He also noted that this provision will be considered as part of the draft law on mobilization.

"The draft law will be registered in the parliament next week. They will vote for it at the next meeting. The military asked us to exclude from possible mobilization those who violated military discipline and committed crimes while performing their military duty," the official said.

According to Maliuska, the military also does not want to see those who committed crimes against the state among them. Therefore, such people will probably not be subject to mobilization.

In general, the minister said that he "would not significantly limit the categories of convicts who will be able to defend our country." However, there are exceptions.

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