Russia is stockpiling missiles: the Air Force told what to expect from the terrorist country

Yuriy Ihnat says that the Russian army may be stockpiling missiles
Yuriy Ihnat says that the Russian army may be stockpiling missiles

The Russian Federation's troops are apparently stockpiling missiles because they have not yet carried out major strikes against Ukraine. It is possible that the enemy could use the stockpile of missiles for "some insidious intentions".

A statement to this effect was made by Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the air of "United News". "Obviously, the enemy is hoarding something, saving it for some more insidious intentions. We can only assume what is in their minds after the events that took place in Russia," he said (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

Ihnat is referring to the attempted "military coup" staged by the owner of the private military company Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, on 24 June. The representative of the Armed Forces believes that the terrorist country is "coming to its senses" after such an internal political rebellion and that it was a "serious blow".

Yuriy Ihnat live on air

At the same time, enemy aircraft have not stopped attacking Ukraine. The frontline areas are often targeted by Russian tactical aircraft. The occupiers strike, in particular, with guided bombs.

Hnat said that he does not remember a single day in the past few months when the Russians did not launch KABs (сorrectable air bombs) on our territory.


- At the end of June, Russia increased the intensity of its shelling of Ukraine, using missiles and combat drones.

- The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has recently stated that the Russian Federation is negotiating to get new types of drones from Iran. First of all, the occupiers want to get attack UAVs or kamikaze drones.

- According to the National Security and Defence Council, parts made in Ukraine's partner countries were found in Shahed unmanned aerial vehicles. And this is not a rare case.

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