Occupants bring "touring" people to Melitopol to change ethnic composition of residents - Fedorov

Occupants bring ''touring'' people to Melitopol

The Russians bring "touring" people from all over Russia to the temporarily occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia: teachers, doctors, labourers, etc. This is done to change the ethnic composition of the city's residents.

This was announced by the Ukrainian mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, during the telethon. He noted that Russians are attracted by high salaries. For example, doctors working in the city's military hospitals earn an average of five times more than in the occupied Crimea (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

Also, workers employed in the construction of defence structures are promised tens of thousands of rubles.

Meanwhile, local unskilled traitors who cooperated with the occupiers have not been paid for several months in some structures.

Occupants bring ''touring'' people to Melitopol to change ethnic composition of residents - Fedorov

"The main goal of the invaders is to bring in their own people so that there is no one to resist on the temporarily occupied territory. However, this goal is definitely unattainable. Because Melitopol is Ukraine!" stressed Fedorov.

We would like to remind you that two residents of Chuvashia (Russia) were killed in Melitopol by their fellow countryman. A soldier of Putin's army shot the Russians in the city, where they had come allegedly on a "volunteer mission". Russian media noted that women and alcohol in the area of Putin's "SVO" were to blame.

"Alcohol made the girls' arrival there more likely. And after another glass or bottle of beer, some of the soldiers wanted to talk about beauty and women. Somewhere, probably, there was a stir. He is a living person, a man, but he is hungry. I am not justifying him. I want to focus attention on women's trips to the SVO zone," said one of the "volunteers".

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, more and more new outlets are opening in Melitopol in previously closed Ukrainian chain stores and private shops. At the same time, Russian traders have begun to switch to Ukrainian when communicating with customers. Local residents have a feeling that the newcomers are trying to please the locals and are supposedly making amends.

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