In Mariupol, Russian invaders hide air defenses between residential buildings: photo

Ammunition load trucks are also parked in the vicinity of civilians

In occupied Mariupol, Russian troops hide their air defense systems among residential buildings. The invaders regularly resort to such tactics, using civilians as human shields.

A corresponding photo was published on May 14 by Mariupol mayor's advisor Petro Andryushchenko in his Telegram channel. "The Russians are again parking and hiding their air defenses in the middle of residential areas. Standard tactics of Rashism," he wrote.

In addition, the network showed a photo of an enemy truck with ammunition, which the occupants parked among civilians.

"Parked among civilians with an ammunition load truck? Easy. Just the Russians," said in the publication of the Telegram channel "Mariupol.Resistance".


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Mariupol Drama Theater remains in ruins. A video of the building has hit the network, judging by which the occupants are in no hurry to restore it.

- According to the Mariupol mayor's office, the invaders have already demolished 282 apartment buildings in the city.

- In Mariupol, the occupiers began mobilization, the first batch of men has already been sent for a medical examination.

- On the streets of the city notice more and more people of different nationalities from remote corners of the Russian Federation.

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