Germany will additionally support Ukraine if US support decreases - Bundestag MPs

The Bundestag will respond very quickly, the German parliament assured

Germany's leadership has a clear understanding of the need to help Ukraine, so if US support is reduced, Berlin will use mechanisms to respond to possible emergencies. Ukrainians can be sure of the solidarity of the German people.

This was stated by the spokespersons of the Bundestag parliamentary factions of the three parties of the ruling coalition at a press conference on January 19. In particular, Sven-Christian Kindler, a representative of the Green Party, noted that the war in the center of Europe threatens not only freedom in Ukraine but also freedom in Europe, Ukrinform reports.

"It is also about our own interests, in Europe, in Germany, so that Ukraine does not lose in this struggle, so we will continue to support it . We are united in this regard in the coalition," he assured.

He added that the situation in Ukraine could get worse, as countries such as North Korea are supplying missiles to Russia, and there are Republicans in the US Congress who oppose any assistance to Ukraine, while some EU countries no longer want to provide as much assistance as they used to. Therefore, Germany has a special responsibility in this situation, said Sven-Christian Kindler.

In his turn, Otto Fricke, spokesman for budget policy of the Free Democratic Party, assured that if there is a risk from a budgetary point of view due to the election of Donald Trump as US President and the decision of the Congress to stop aid to Ukraine, the Bundestag will be able to respond to the threat.

"The Bundestag has repeatedly shown that if there is an emergency, it can always cope ," the German MP said.

According to him, when it is clearly understood that there is a threat, for example, that the occupiers are "advancing in Ukraine and something must be done immediately," then the Bundestag can and should respond very quickly, as there are legislative tools for this.

Fricke also expressed confidence that if it comes to that, the parties of the ruling coalition will have the support of the CDU/CSU opposition bloc.

And Dennis Rohde from the Social Democratic Party said that everyone hopes that it will not come to a reduction in US aid, but if it does, the German government coalition has reached agreement on a political point to support Ukraine.

"We are ready," he said.

Late in the evening of January 18, the Bundestag Budget Committee put the finishing touches on the government's proposed federal budget for 2024, which includes a doubling of military aid to Ukraine, at a "corrective meeting."

Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed this and noted that "despite the difficult initial conditions, it was finally possible to agree on a document with clear emphasis," he was quoted as saying by federal government spokesman Wolfgang Buechner at a briefing on January 19.

The adoption of the document was preceded by weeks of political debate over the need to impose austerity on many fronts. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat are to make the final decision in early February.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that at the moment they have transferred all the weapons and equipment "that they could" to Ukraine. To transfer more would mean going all-in and reducing its defense capabilities, he said.

As a reminder, on January 17, Germany announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, which included ammunition for the Leopard 1 main battle tank, 24 armored personnel carriers, demining materials, and other weapons.

At the same time, Germany has not yet made a decision on the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine. On January 17, members of the Bundestag did not support a draft resolution calling on Scholz to approve such supplies. Only 178 MPs voted in favor, 485 voted against.

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