Drones attacked an infrastructure facility in Zhytomyr region: there is a threat of air pollution

A Shahed-136/131 type kamikaze drone

On the night of Monday, April 8, during a Russian attack, a Shahed kamikaze drone struck an infrastructure facility in the town of Zvyagel in Zhytomyr region. This created a direct threat of air pollution, but there is no danger now.

The Zvyagel City Council warned about it on its Facebook page. The townspeople were advised to stay indoors with the windows closed.

The agency emphasized that there were no civilian casualties or injuries as a result of the aggressor country's attack.

"There is a direct threat of air pollution, so it is recommended to stay indoors with the windows closed," the statement said.

The Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergency Situations has decided to introduce distance learning in general secondary education institutions. As for preschool education institutions, emergency groups will be open for parents who have no one to leave their children with.

"Follow the situation and information messages on the official information resources of the Zvyagolye City Council. Let's remember who our enemy is!" the department added.

Vitaliy Bunechko, head of the regional military administration, told Radio Liberty that no air pollution is currently being recorded in Zhytomyr Oblast, and that the measures in the Zvyagel community are "preventive."

"An environmental inspection is currently working to 'reassure citizens,'" he said.

As a reminder, last night Russia attacked Ukraine with 24 Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs. The defenders of the sky destroyed 17 drones, including in the Zhytomyr region. Odesa region also came under enemy attack, where a logistics and transportation facility was damaged, and a gas station was damaged by Shahed debris.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, during a massive attack on Ukraine on March 22, the Russian occupiers struck at the Dnipro hydroelectric power plant. As a result, oil products leaked into the Dnipro River, and soil contamination was also recorded.

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