Another strike in occupied Mariupol: Kadyrov soldiers' barrack was hit

Precise strike on the Kadyrov soldiers' barrack in occupied Mariupol

On Wednesday, July 12, occupants were hit in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. Despite the statements of propagandists about the work of air defense, there is a destruction of the barracks of the Russian army's mercenaries.

In particular, Kadyrov soldiers were a target. This was reported by the Deputy mayor of the Ukrainian city Petro Andryushchenko on the Telegram channel.

The day before in the propaganda media resources of the Russian Federation there was information about the alleged work of the Russian air defense in Mariupol. The invaders did not give any details about the explosions.


But on the morning of the next day it became known that the "air defence work" in Mariupol turned out to be an AFU hit on the Kadyrov soldiers' barrack located on the territory of the Illich Iron & Steel Works plant.

Preliminarily, the wounded occupants were smuggled out of there towards Donetsk. According to Andryushchenko, this may indicate their serious condition.

"Judging by the informational noise in the Russian media environment, the defeat may be comparable to the "Yurivka" strike which the Russians also massively disguised as "air defense work". A good start to the day," he wrote.


To remind, on the evening of July 12, Mariupol residents reported a loud sound in the city coming from the western direction to the east (from the side of Zaporizhzhia towards the left bank of Mariupol). At the same time, the occupiers were trying to intercept something in the air. Active work of aviation and operation of air defense over the coast of the Sea of Azov in Mariupol were conducted.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, after the "Yurivka" strike Russian occupiers took out the dead, wounded and remnants of the living forces all night. In particular, Yurivka village was under attack, which is 45 kilometers from the captured Mariupol. 100 invaders were eliminated and another 400 wounded.

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