"Unacceptable": Putin complains about "violation of principles" in world sport

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Putin spoke about the federations

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin has once again hypocritically criticized international sports organizations. The head of the Russian terrorist state issued traditional narratives about the politicization of world sport and violations of the Olympic Charter, forgetting that he attacked Ukraine three days after the 2022 Games.

Putin said this in a commentary to the propaganda news agency TASS. The so-called president of the Russian Federation also spoke out against the commercialization of sports, failing to mention that the state corporation Gazprom massively sponsors various clubs, including those outside the aggressor country.

"Today's international sports officials are violating the principles of the Olympic Charter themselves, politicizing sport, which is unacceptable. This movement has simply turned into a commercial corporation. Everything is built on getting money from sponsors, from large information companies for broadcasting. It's a whole enterprise to profit from sports competitions. Yet the principle of Olympism is different, on a humanitarian basis," Putin said.

Earlier, the Kremlin dictator's decree on the appointment of a new "Minister of Sports" in Russia caused anger among Russian sports fans.

In a hysterical fit, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ridiculously accused the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of "collusion with Ukraine."

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