"Thick as two short planks": Russian World Champion became a laughingstock online after talking about Putin and victory

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Slutskaya spoke out in support of Russian aggression

Two-time world champion Irina Slutskaya made an incredibly absurd statement about the suspension of Russian athletes from international competitions. She spoke out with fanfare about supporting Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin and Russia's military aggression in Ukraine but urged against politicizing sports. She was bullied by her fans after this statement.

"I am an optimist, I want to believe that we will come back shortly. I believe in the victory and in our president. They [West] will understand that the sport has nothing to do with it. Apparently, there is some pressure and they are afraid. In one Winter Olympics, I think we'll be back," Slutskaya said in an interview with the propaganda TV channel Match TV.


Sports.ru readers advised the former figure skater to see a doctor because of words of support for the president and sport connection to politics.


""Thick as two short planks!", "In our president... It has nothing to do with sports...", "Well, it's either bipolar or psychoneurotic desease", "And why can't you just believe in victory, without a president? Or doesn't that count?", "She's been in 'Putin's squads' since the beginning of the movement," "For almost a year and a half now, none of these people have said how they see this 'victory'," they wrote in the comments.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Dmitry Peskov's wife and traitor to Ukraine Tatiana Navka complained about "all this horror in Luhansk," because of which she was "ditched" in Russia, and received a response online.

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