"There's no question about it." Stakhovsky said what should be done with Lomachenko

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Ukrainian tennis player gives a frank interview to Yanina Sokolova

Famous Ukrainian tennis player Serhiy Stakhovsky believes that former world champion in three weight categories Vasyl Lomachenko should at least be deprived of his Ukrainian passport. The 37-year-old Kyiv resident, who went to the front to defend Ukraine after the start of the full-scale invasion, believes that this option is not even under discussion.

"There is no question about it. If you don't consider this country your own, if you consider the Orthodox Church something that needs to be supported, then.... I am very glad that I have a weapon that I will not box with during a meeting with him if he starts to say something there. Unfortunately, such radical things are needed now. Not only in matters of deprivation of citizenship, but also in other matters where our justice is not only soft, but also corrupt," Stakhovsky said in an interview with Yanina Sokolova on Channel 5.

Serhiy believes that such permissiveness of some athletes, who openly support Russia in the midst of war, is very bad.

"I think this is a huge disadvantage for the country as a whole. Ukraine will be asked questions: "You have Lomachenko, but if he thinks so, then maybe not everything is as bad in your country as you say," Stakhovsky added.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, during a press conference before the fight with Haney, our compatriot said that only God can stop the war in Ukraine. In addition, Lomachenko did not say the word "Ukraine" when he said who he would fight the American for.


Earlier, Lomachenko refused to call Russia the aggressor and said it was difficult for him to explain the situation. In addition, the Ukrainian recalled how the war began for him, and later refused to condemn Putin and his decision to send troops to Ukraine.


Vasya also expressed confidence that many Russians do not support the war, noting that he sees no point in appealing to the Kremlin leader, whom he called the commander-in-chief.


On February 24, a Ukrainian lightweight posted an image of a dove with two joined hands painted in the colours of the flags of Ukraine and Russia.


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