"Their players are more skilled": Russia admits Ukraine's superiority in football

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Boris Ignatyev assessed the players from Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian foorball players are superior to players from the aggressor country in terms of training and skills. At the same time, Russian athletes often do not understand why they train at all, which directly affects the results of their teams.

Former assstant to coach of FC Dynamo Kyiv and Russian national team, Boris Ignatyev, expressed such opinion in his interview to the Metaratings. The 82-year-old specialist recalled his time in the Ukrainian capital, noting that Russia needs to seriously change the training process.


"I worked in Ukrainian football and I can say that their players are more skilled than ours. At least they were, when I worked with [Yury] Syomin at Dynamo Kyiv, I saw that the players there were more skilled than our players. It's all about the training process, and all the problems that exist in our football now are because of training. We need to delve deeper into the amount of training time, set goals, understand why we train. This issue will help us move our football forward, at a time when there are no international games and we need to look at our players," Ignatyev said.


Beforehand, the Ukrainian national team and Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder, Mykhailo Mudryk, joined London's Chelsea. The transfer fee was €100 million, of which 30 million will be bonuses. The Aristocrats fans gave our player a standing ovation.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the head coach of London Arsenal Mikel Arteta responded to the disruption of the transition of Mykhailo Mudryk to his team. And Poland got angry about the decision of Shakhtar Donetsk, reminding them them of their assistance to Ukraine.

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