Russian occupants wanted to kidnap the parents of a Ukrainian soccer player

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The Russian occupants intended to kidnap the parents and relatives of Viktor Kovalenko, a player for the Ukrainian national team and the Italian La Spezia. However, the plans of marauders, murderers, and criminals from the armed forces of the Russian Federation were not fated to materialize, although the relatives of our athletes did not want to leave their native Kherson.

Aleksandr Karavaev, a defender of Dynamo Kyiv, told about it for the film about the year of Ukrainian soccer during the war "Game of the Unbroken," which appeared on the YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Football Association. His parents were also under occupation in Kherson, which was liberated by the AFU on November 11 last year.

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"When the occupiers came into Kherson, I realized everything. I realized my parents were there. They have T-shirts, awards, flags, and scarves there. They have it all at home because my parents collect it. It's not that they were hiding, but they were afraid because they said - you have to ask Vitya Kovalenko - that there was a case where they came to the place where he lived and asked the neighbors where the Kovalenko family lived. I understand that they wanted to kidnap them and then demand a ransom," shared his recollections.

Residents of Kherson came out to meet the AFU fighters

Earlier, Viktor Kovalenko described how Russian soldiers shot his friends in Kherson without even returning the bodies of the murdered Ukrainians.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Alexander Karavaev told how after the annexation of Crimea he was offered to take Russian citizenship. And the footballer of "Lviv" Alexey Dityatiev ridiculed the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, which started a check on him after he tore the Russian flag in Turkey.

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