Russian Deputy Prime Minister comes to Donbass Arena and says it is necessary to "restore Shakhtar Donetsk"

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Chernyshenko visits temporarily occupied Donetsk

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko has stated the need to "restore the legendary Shakhtar Donetsk in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic". The official in charge of sports in the aggressor country's Cabinet of Ministers dreamed of the Ukrainian club "reaching the final of the Russian Premier League and meeting Zenit at the Donbass Arena".

Chernyshenko said this during a visit to the temporarily occupied Donetsk and its main football stadium, the Russian government's website reports. The accomplice of Vladimir Putin's dictatorial regime demonstrated complete ignorance of the rules, as there is no such thing as a Russian championship final.


"I know that the DPR championship starts in May, and you have 10 teams from 10 different cities. It's important that football life goes on. Of course, this legendary club as a brand should be here. For now, we need to decide on the training grounds. Here the task of the Ministry of Sport is to help you so that regular sports life in the republic can be established. The main thing is for Shakhtar Donetsk to make it to the final of the Russian Premier League in due course and meet Zenit in the final at the Donbass Arena," Chernyshenko said.


 Earlier, he expressed confidence that Russia "does not need the Olympics", where aggressors will be allowed to attend only under a neutral flag, and representatives of law enforcement and military structures will be removed.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the commander of a Separate Aerial Reconnaissance Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Madyar's Birds" Robert Brovdi (call sign "Madyar"), who told the Russians "it was not built for you, slugs", showed how the Donbas Arena looks like in the temporarily occupied Donetsk.

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