Russia calls on Olympic champion to "benefit humanity by stopping NATO's expansion"

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Guberniev spoke about Samuelsson

A well-known Russian commentator Dmitry Guberniev expressed hope that Olympic biathlon champion Sebastian Samuelsson would become a politician and "benefit humanity by stopping the spread of NATO". This is how the Match TV propagandist reacted to the athlete's words that a change of career would be an interesting experience.

Guberniev said this in a commentary to Match TV. He hinted that in civilised countries, people express their personal position and do not speak out solely in support of the state. That is why Samuelsson is supposed to speak in the interests of the Russian Federation.


"Unlike many of our athletes who went into politics, Samuelsson will not go with the flow. Sebastian is a man with his own opinion, often a ferment in every barrel, but this is good for a politician. I wish him all the best, he is an educated guy with his own beliefs, which he has repeatedly defended. Including in public. We also had a lot of discussions with him back in the day. I hope that he will be a popular politician, and perhaps even benefit humanity by stopping the spread of NATO," Guberniev said.


It should be noted that Samuelsson called Guberniev himself and the Russian athletes who took part in the Z-concert in Luzhniki last March fools.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko called international competitions without Russian athletes in them inferior.

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