Propagandist Kandelaki became a laughingstock online after saying "we cannot be stopped, there are no others like us in the world"

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Candelaki speaks about the greatness of Russia

Tina Kandelaki, the former general producer of the propaganda TV channel Match TV, called the sports broadcaster unparalleled in the world. A native of Tbilisi, Georgia, and a fan of the war in Ukraine, she spouted nonsense about Russia being unstoppable, which provoked ridicule from fans.


"Just look at the technical equipment, the way Match TV is developing, the studio we have, the TV channel we have. I think there are no sports channels like this in the world. When we did a lot of support for the FIFA World Cup, all the Arab media discussed what we did and what kind of studio we built and with what kind of graphics, so no one will stop us from developing. We can only stop ourselves. We can be banned, but we cannot be stopped!" - Kandelaki was quoted as saying by the Match TV website.


Readers of the Sports.ru portal strongly agreed with the propagandist's words. They noted that nowhere else in the world do sports TV channels go on a bacchanal with insults to other nations, show 80s action movies, or receive subsidies from the state.


"Yes, it is. You have to look for such a shit. They managed to create such a thing!", "She's right... There are no such idiots anywhere else", "What channels was this crow in the studio of? What sports channels did she ever consciously watch?", "What do they all take?", "Yes, you can't find such a fierce generator of cringe!", "The only unprofitable sports channel in the world, that's right", "No other TV channel in the world cuts the state budget like this", "And thank God. One programme 'There is a topic' is some kind of a branch of a perverted hell", "Yes, I have not seen sports channels with 80s action movies", - people write in the comments.


It is worth noting that Match TV host Anton Anisimov, wearing the war symbol Z on his shirt, called Polish footballers who refused to play with the aggressors in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers vile creatures. And after our compatriots played in Scotland in the World Cup qualifiers, a programme called "Ukraine of the Brain" ("Украина головного мозга") was broadcast on Russian TV. More recently, the channel interrupted the Latvian national team's matches at the World Ice Hockey Championship because of a banner in support of our country.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered to hold an alternative Olympic Games in 2024 called the Friendship Games. Kremlin aide Igor Levitin added that "most countries in the world have rallied" around Russia.

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