"Open your eyes. It's a bloody nightmare": Ukrainian athletes' emotional reaction to Russian missile strike on December 29

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The athletes express hatred towards Russia

Ukrainian athletes reacted angrily to the massive missile strike on the morning of December 29 by the Russian terrorist state. As of 12:00, at least 12 people have been reported dead in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Zaporizhzhia.

The aftermath of the hit in Odesa

Our representatives in various sports did not ignore another war crime of the aggressor country. The most emotional reaction came from karateka Anzhelika Terliuha, vice-champion of the 2020 Olympic Games. She did not hesitate in her statements against Russia.

Terliuha expressed hatred towards Russia

"I hate Russian creatures with every fiber of my being. I have neither anger nor strength. We make donations, help those who can save us, we have no other choice," she wrote on Instagram.

Malinovskyi called on the world to open its eyes

Ukrainian national footballer Ruslan Malinovskyi called on the world to finally stop looking at the war in Ukraine through rose-colored glasses. "Open your eyes," he captioned the pictures of destroyed houses after the attack.

Russia struck Ukrainian cities
Svitolina urged to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Verniaiev wrote about explosions in Ukrainian cities

In turn, Olympic gymnastics champion Oleh Verniaiev was shocked that Russia attacked civilian targets. "The most massive missile attack on civilian infrastructure and residential buildings since the first days of the war. Residential buildings, a shopping center, a maternity hospital, a lyceum. Each of our regions has suffered losses today," he wrote.

Kharlan called Russia a terrorist state

Legendary fencer Olha Kharlan is outraged that the world allows Russia to continue waging war: "All night long I've been asked how things are at home. At home, the war is still going on. It's still going on. And Russia will always be a terrorist state."

Stakhovskyi reported a missile attack
Prychyna wrote that she wants Russia to disappear.

Football referee Sofia Prychyna shared the only wish she will make in the New Year, "About 110 missiles were launched today. Casualties, destruction, fires... My only wish for 2024 is that our neighbors disappear."

''Open your eyes. It's a bloody nightmare'': Ukrainian athletes' emotional reaction to Russian missile strike on December 29

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