Moscow court overturns Olympic champion's disqualification for doping in Russia

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The athlete has become a laughingstock on the web

London 2012 Olympic rowing champion Alexander Dyachenko succeeded in having his disqualification in Russia overturned. In June 2022, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) found Dyachenko, 33, guilty of violating anti-doping rules for using the banned drugs trenbolone and methenolone. The athlete was disqualified for 4 years, starting from June 9, 2022.

After appealing to the court, Diachenko was denied, but appealed the decision, after which the First Court of Common Pleas reversed the sanctions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Russian territory.

"I fought for a very long time and finally achieved that the CAS sanctions imposed on me are not valid on the territory of Russia. I believe that justice has been served, even if only in my country," TASS quoted the Olympic champion as saying.


Diachenko stated that "money was not important to him".

"It was more important to correct an injustice, my name and my reputation were hit very hard. A year ago I was forced to resign as head coach of the Russian national team and stopped working in professional sports in general. I wasn't going to tolerate injustice; I tried to fight for my honest name, and I succeeded," the rower said.

Russian fans ridiculed such a situation.

"Fought for my fair name in the most fair court," "Classic. Another doping fighter will educate other doping fighters", "Russia is recognized as the most developed, free and rich country on the territory of Russia", "Brilliant victory! A fair name on the territory of the Russian Federation..." - the users mocked.


Users joke that Diachenko now has a new title - Olympic champion according to the Moscow City Court.


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