"Loma is the people's champion": Russian boxer tells how Americans swore at judges of Lomachenko-Haney fight

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Kovalev assesses Lomachenko - Haney fight

Former world light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev (35-4-1, 29 KOs) has named Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) the winner of his fight against American Devin Haney (30-0, 15 KOs). The 40-year-old Russian, who has been living in the United States for a long time, personally attended the fight and gave our compatriot eight rounds out of 12.

Crusher, as Sergey is known, announced this live on his Instagram page. At the same time, the Russian boxer added that he was not surprised by the final decision of the judges, who unanimously gave the victory to Haney, and Lomachenko had to win by knockout to win.

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"Vasya won the fight. 8-4 on the rounds. Rounds 9-12 were definitely Vasya's. I was sitting in the front row. I could see who was punching how. We all understand that this is Las Vegas. I'm not surprised that the judges made such a decision. Here you either have to miss or just kill to get knockdowns. It would have been a nice bonus. It's a pity that dreams just happen to be destroyed. And it's not the athlete himself who destroys them, it's the biased judges' decisions that destroy them. I perfectly understand Vasya's feelings right now. When he left the gym, the whole room called the decision bullshit. Loma is a champion, a people's champion. But I think he will get his way," Kovalev said.


The lightweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena between Haney and Lomachenko lasted all 12 rounds and ended with a unanimous decision of 116-112, 115-113, 115-113 in favour of the American. It is worth noting that the judges' notes that were published after the fight caused fierce debate among experts and fans.

Lomachenko's team announced that they were lodging a protest against the outcome of the fight. In addition, the fight's punch statistics confirm that the Ukrainian won at least five rounds.


After the defeat, Vasyl Lomachenko could not contain his emotions and burst into tears while waiting for the press conference. During a flash interview in the ring, Vasyl did not mention Ukraine, refusing to thank his homeland.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the famous boxing coach Teddy Atlas demanded that the Nevada Athletic Commission initiate proceedings against one of the judges of the Lomachenko-Haney fight. It also became known how much the Ukrainian boxer earned for the fight.

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