"House was shaking": world champion survives missile attack in Uman and tells about the shameful act of Russians

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Dmytro Danylenko attended a tournament in Uman

The titled kayaker Dmytro Danylenko was among the Ukrainian paddlers who survived the Russian occupiers' missile attack on Uman on the morning of April 28. The world champion had just taken part in the Ukrainian Cup in the Cherkasy region. And the athletes' hotel in Uman was located next to a residential high-rise building destroyed by the Russian military.

Despite the shock of the night, Dmytro was able to get to the start of the sprint in the morning and win. However, the tragedy in Uman, which has already claimed the lives of 20 people, has left a deep imprint, as Danylenko admitted in a post on his Facebook page.


"Today I managed to win gold in the 200 metres individual medley, but I couldn't enjoy this medal properly. We are in Uman, where we arrived at a multi-storey building at 4am. A mean, shameful, insidious and very cruel act on the part of the Rashists," said Dmytro emotionally.


"The house was shaking, no sleep," the rower added, but noted that against the background of what happened nearby, it was actually a small thing.

Danylenko stressed that he believes in Ukrainian soldiers who will give a worthy response to such Russian atrocities.


"I believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine - artillerymen, pilots, tankers, infantry, assault brigades - in all those who defend our borders. I believe that they will respond and repel these Rashists with large and small artillery shells, bullets directly into their dirty and empty heads. For our people, for our cities, for our families, for our children," said Dmytro after the experience.


"More than a year of war has passed. And I want to say that you should take care of your friends, relatives, family - your dad and mum, sisters and brothers, grandparents, because the truth is that today they are there, and tomorrow they are gone. But I really believe in Ukraine's victory. Glory to our heroes!" the titled rower concluded.


However, Liudmyla Luzan, a multi-medallist at the 2020 Olympic Games, was unable to take part in the race on April 28.

It should be noted that in Uman, a Russian missile hit a multi-storey building, destroying an entire entrance, and the number of victims has already risen to 23 people, including 4 children.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that Zozulya did not hold back when commenting on the Russian occupiers' attack on Uman.

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