"Get ready". Stakhovsky gave advice to Ukrainians who believe the war is over

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The famous Ukrainian tennis player wrote a frank post on Instagram

Famous Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky, who joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces after Russia's full-scale invasion began, advised his countrymen not to relax. On his Instagram account, the 37-year-old Kyiv resident advised those Ukrainians who believe that the frontline is far away to prepare for war anyway.

Stakhovsky is sure that this is exactly what the enemy wants: for us to get used to the fact that someone is dying somewhere.

"For a large number of Ukrainians, the war is already over. Or it has turned into a conditional ATO 2.0. This is a very wrong attitude to the situation. Today, Ukrainians died so that we could enjoy a cup of coffee, take a walk with our families, and tomorrow it will be our turn to defend. So get ready. Support Ukraine's defence forces. Get ready again. Because it is better to know and never use your knowledge than to not know what to do at a critical moment in your life," the former athlete wrote.


Earlier, Stakhovsky expressed confidence that absolutely all residents of our country will have to take part in the war. The tennis player advised his compatriots not to be under any illusions about their participation at the front.


In a recent interview, Stakhovsky said that Ukraine can win only through the collapse of Russia. The warrior athlete believes that the fact that our country celebrated the New Year free is already a victory.

The tennis player also boasted of his trophies, posting photos of prisoners of war.


In addition, Stakhovsky posted pictures from the hottest spot on the frontline. Sergiy visited Bakhmut and took pictures in a bombed-out school.


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