Fury reveals the sensational reason for the disruption of the fight with Usyk

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John Fury made an unexpected statement

The father and trainer of British heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) said that the fight against undefeated Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) was allegedly cancelled solely through the fault of the Ukrainian. John Fury made a sensational statement that our compatriot was not going to hold a meeting with his son.

"Here's what happened to him. Usyk never wanted to fight Tyson. He wanted to make himself bigger by saying that Tyson wouldn't accept the fight," Fury Sr. explained the situation in an interview with the Stamina For Sale YouTube channel.

The British heavyweight's trainer is pleased with the way his client behaved.

"Fury is not afraid of anyone. But this is business. All Tyson was trying to do was get as much out of it as possible. And he wasn't greedy. Because Usyk is worth that much - 30%. Let me tell you something. You can line them all up, put them all in a bag, shake them and pick one that you like. They're all on the same level. Tyson will beat them all, every single one of them," Vringe quoted John Fury as saying.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on March 10, Fury delivered a tough ultimatum to Usyk's team. The Manchester-born fighter demanded 70% of the fee for the fight and also said he would add one per cent for each day until the contract was signed.


Oleksandr immediately agreed to the British conditions, making a pro-Ukrainian demand.


In response, Tyson came up with a new demand, suggesting that our compatriot remove the rematch clause from the contract for the fight for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion and change the distribution of the fee.


Usyk could not stand such humiliation and refused to indulge Tyson's whims, cancelling the fight. After that, Fury went berserk, posting a minute-long video containing continuous swearing.

Later, Sasha announced the fantastic amount of money Fury wanted to earn for the fight on April 29.


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