"For Usyk to kick the Muscovite's ass": the legendary Azovstal defender tells whether Ukrainians need to compete with Russians

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Mykhailo Dianov would have watched Usyk's fight with the Russian

Azovstal defender Mykhailo Dianov believes that Ukrainian athletes must participate in competitions to which the International Olympic Committee and various federations have started to allow Russians and Belarusians. A marine who was a prisoner of war in Russia believes that "Muscovites should be punished publicly".

In an interview with, Dianov admitted that he would love to see Oleksandr Usyk beat up a Russian.


"We need to participate and win them. Ukraine must be present at competitions where Muscovites take part. It doesn't matter what kind of sport it is - fencing, chess, tennis," the military man said.


"For example, I really want Usyk to kick some Muscovite's ass in the full programme. Imagine how much he would enjoy doing that. Joshua and other rivals are all pomp and circumstance. Put a Muscovite against him to beat the shit out of him," Dianov added.


Mykhailo stressed that it is imperative that Ukraine competes in competitions where Muscovites are present: "But not on Russian territory. Our athletes must be protected. They need to be punished publicly."


The legendary Azovstal defender believes that there will be no tragedy even in the event of a defeat, but still, it is necessary to prepare for a match with representatives of the aggressor country as if it were the last.

"If a Ukrainian woman loses to a Russian woman in tennis, it's no big deal. It's just a sport. But you need to compete with them and prepare for this match as if it were your last, break all ties, but win. The Ukrainians are more motivated to win than the Muscovites," Dianov said.


Earlier, the Ministry of Sport of Ukraine banned Ukrainian athletes from participating in competitions that allowed representatives from Russia and Belarus.


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