"F*ck you all": Russian hockey legend reacts to IOC demands with "athletes are not to blame"

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Fetisov speaks out about the IOC

Legendary ice hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov has spoken out harshly against the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after it demanded that Russian athletes with ties to the army and security forces not be allowed to compete. The Stanley Cup winner called it an interference with the traditions of the aggressor country.

Fetisov said this in an interview with the Evening Moscow newspaper. The member of the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame emphasised that it is unacceptable to ask athletes whether they agree with the conditions of admission to the competition, as in the USSR "the state would not allow us to make any decisions in principle".


"F*ck everyone. This is our century-old system, and the guys choose for whom they stand - for which club and society. Why on earth would someone say now - take a pot and go there, and tomorrow they'll say - take off the cross from your chest, or something else... What are we talking about? It's just stupid. We had to make it clear from the start that we would return to world sport on one condition - with the flag and anthem, and not offer any other. I have been saying this for a long time. The athletes are not to blame for what is happening," Fetisov said.


Earlier, he called the IOC's demand to the Russians "complete arbitrariness, disregard for the principles and rights of not only sports, but also universal human rights".

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, world ice hockey champion Alexei Tereshchenko made a "classic" Russian propaganda statement about other countries' envy of Russia and was ridiculed online. And the International Ice Hockey Federation has put an end to Russia's return to the World Cup. The flags of the Russian Federation and Belarus were also banned from the 2023 championship.

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