"Everything was shaking": a Russian missile destroyed a house next to the hotel of the Ukrainian national rowing team

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Liudmyla Luzan was unable to compete after the tragedy

On the morning of April 28, Ukrainian rowers led by Liudmyla Luzan, a multi-medallist at the 2020 Olympics, almost came under rocket fire from the Russian occupiers. The athletes from all over Ukraine had just arrived in Uman, where the Ukrainian Canoeing Cup started on April 24. And their hotel was located not far from the residential high-rise building where the enemy missile hit.


"Last night the enemy cynically shelled Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Uman, Ukrainka. Civilians were killed, including innocent children... By coincidence, one of the missiles hit a residential building in Uman, next to a hotel where the participants of the Ukrainian Canoeing Cup are staying. It's hard to describe their condition...", wrote Vadym Gutzeit, Minister of Sports of Ukraine, on Instagram.


On the morning of April 28, the country's best rowers were to start the finals. However, despite the fact that the tournament was a qualifier for the Ukrainian national team to participate in the 2023 World Cup in Poland, not everyone was able to compete after the shock they had experienced.


In particular, world and European champion and Olympic medallist Liudmyla Luzan did not take part in the race.


"The tragedy happened near the hotel where our team is staying. I woke up at night from an explosion, everything was shaking... I think it's inappropriate when the city is in mourning and we are going to perform after a rocket attack," Luzan wrote on her social media.


Following this bloody terrorist attack on civilians, Liudmyla appealed to the International Canoe Federation to prevent Russian athletes from competing.


"Listen. The war has been going on in our country for over a year, and the Ukrainian people are being destroyed. This is unacceptable and beneath discussion. This war has brought us so much pain and grief. We will survive and defeat the enemy. Ukrainians are an indomitable people," said the titled athlete.


It should be noted that in Uman, a Russian missile hit a multi-storey building, destroying an entire staircase, and the number of victims has already risen to 19 people, including children.


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