"Crested scum": Valuev joins Russian propaganda's threats to Usyk

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Valuev speaks out about Usyk

Former world heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev has supported the offensive statements made by Russian propagandists against Oleksandr Usyk. The former boxer was outraged that our compatriot came to support the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who are defending Ukraine from Russian terrorists.


On his Telegram channel, Valuev reposted a post by the propaganda outlet Storm News, which called Usyk a fascist and a Banderite and threatened him with death. In addition, the so-called State Duma deputy put an end to our compatriot, writing "Sasha is done. I've already told you".

Valuev Kremlin

"Ukrainian boxer Usyk has finally and irrevocably established himself as a Fascist. It's one thing to wag your tongue in support of the Banderites so that you don't get kicked out of the big ring, but it's another thing to come to the positions of the fascists with American chevrons and open fire on Donbass residents. If you shoot at us, be prepared to get it back, you сrested scum," the propagandists wrote.


The day before, the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed Usyk firing a mortar at the positions of the occupiers, who on the night of April 28 launched a missile attack on a residential building in Uman, killing more than 20 people. Usyk's wife Kateryna reacted to the Russian crime by comparing Russians to sh*t.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Oleksandr Usyk's next fight caused a real stir in Poland.

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