"Burn it along with the Kremlin": a famous rower who served in the intelligence service was killed near Bakhmut

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Oleg Seriy, master of sports of Ukraine in rowing slalom, died in a battle with Russian occupants in the Donetsk region. It became known on May 11 that the Ukrainian champion from Vinnytsia gave his life near Bakhmut.

Oleg was born on July 19, 1989, and all his life he was engaged in sports. He became a Master of Sports in Ukraine in the rowing slalom. Multiple champions and medalists of the Ukrainian championship. Took part in European championships in the rowing slalom.


Just in October 2021, shortly before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Gray, as part of the Vinnytsia region team, took second place at the Cup of Ukraine in water tourism. He also received the master of sports in this sport and more than once became the champion of the country.


Oleg was also a confident skier and worked as a ski rescuer. Just in the Carpathian Mountains on February 24, 2022, he was caught up in a full-scale war with Russia.


"It's "fluffy" out, we won't raise people today, but the nets were told to put them up. Hey Russians, you guys have a "good" fucking president. "Supported", well done. I hope you wake up a sense of brotherhood there and eat him or burn him along with your Kremlin," the athlete recorded a video in the mountains.


However, it quickly became clear that we could not count on the gutless Russians. Soon Oleg returned home, took up arms, and went to the front to defend his family and country from the Russian invaders. In the army, Gray served in the intelligence service.


Unfortunately, another assignment near Bakhmut was fatal for the rower. On May 11 it became known about the death of the Ukrainian defender.

"Oleg loved life very much and that is why he fought for the freedom and independence of Ukraine and gave the most precious thing of all - his life. Oleg, now you hold the sky above us. It is impossible to believe... Sincere condolences to family and friends. Eternal and bright memory!", - reacted to the death of Gray at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports VGPU, from which Gray graduated in 2011.


"My heart is breaking. My brain doesn't want to believe it. But you're gone... You will forever remain in our hearts," Olympic rowing champion Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya could not believe what had happened.


Oleg's husband and coach Inna Dmitry Radomski, who is also from Vinnytsia, knew him well.

"Well, that's it. Sleep well, brother! Thank you for being in my life! Everyone who knew you was sure that you were like a stone wall behind you! Oleg, you were a true friend, a loving father, and a husband! Beloved son and beloved husband! Oleg, that's how you will stay in our memories and our hearts! Glory to the Hero! Glory to Ukraine! Friends, everyone who has the opportunity and desire to help the hero's family can do it on the wife's card 5375414123709304, Marina Gray. Thank you," Dmitry wrote.


At home, the rower is left with his loving wife Marina and young daughter, who is engaged in singing.


It should be noted that the farewell to Oleg Gray will be held on Saturday, May 13, in Vinnytsia, in the hall Requiem on Batozhskaya Street at 11:30.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that a Dynamo fan who served in the assault brigade, which forced the Russians to flee, died near Bakhmut.

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