"Bastards. This is nonsense": Russian Olympic champion insults Poles after Russian hockey player's arrest

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Kozhevnikov throws a tantrum over hockey player's arrest in Poland

Two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov has lashed out at Poland, whose prosecutors have arrested the Russian hockey player on suspicion of espionage. The winner of the Sarajevo '84 and Calgary '88 Games called the Europeans bastards who elected a "pro-fascist government".

Kozhevnikov said this in an interview with Vprognoze.ru. The former athlete decided to ridicule the detention of his compatriot and called on athletes from the aggressor country to immediately leave Poland and not go there again.



"You can only laugh at these bastards. I can't call them anything else. What could he have learned there? What size sticks do the Poles have? Or what kind of underpants they wear with their shirts? They are talking about some critical infrastructure facilities. But everyone has known about them for a long time. It's all nonsense. The Polish government is pro-fascist. This has long been clear to everyone. And the current incident is another example of the fact that Russian athletes have nothing to do in Poland. The Polish people may be good. But they elected this government," Kozhevnikov said.



Earlier, two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova called the arrest of a Russian hockey player in Poland for espionage an "attempt to demonise the image of an athlete" from the Russian Federation. It is known that Maxim S. became the 14th detained Russian accused by Ukraine's allies of participating in an organised criminal group and working for foreign intelligence.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the former head coach of the Ukrainian national team from Russia, Andriy Nazarov, called for "always supporting" dictator Vladimir Putin.

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