"Aren't you ashamed?" Peskov's wife slammed for "lies, hypocrisy and ostentation" on May 9

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Navka received a portion of angry comments on the Internet

Tatiana Navka, the wife of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, received negative comments from fans after she posted a May 9 greeting. On Instagram, the 48-year-old Olympic ice dancing champion posted a photo of her grandfather, who fought in World War II.

In addition to the picture of her relative, Navka also posted a list of his awards.

"The hero of our family is Petro Navka, a native of Donetsk, a Red Army soldier, a Red Navy man who took part in the liberation of Sevastopol, and was wounded in March 1942. I tell my children about the exploits of our grandfather and what a wonderful person he was," the former figure skater wrote.


Navka's subscribers did not appreciate her statement, bombarding her with angry messages.

"And now you're telling your children about what your husband and all yours are doing in Ukraine?", "Your children will learn everything, how you mock and celebrate during people's grief. Bombing Kyiv and Odesa with one hand and wiping away tears about the past with the other. You don't deserve a good memory of yourself," users write.


The former athlete tried to delete the unwanted comments, but persistent users restored their content (spelling and style of the original are preserved).

"My comment that the grandfather is shocked at what a bastard the granddaughter has grown up to be was in the top, and you deleted it. It's a shame to lose on the day of victory,"  is written under the Navka's post.


Tatiana is advised to help at least someone in real life.

"It would be better if you helped at least one veteran with your millions. They have all died out in a country where NO ONE has done ANYTHING for them, remembering them once a year - and so - the toilet is on the street, the house is in disrepair, the pension is beggarly, there is no medicine at all, etc. Lies, hypocrisy, showmanship - and a feast on bones," the Russians write.


The 2006 Olympic champion is also accused of being a "patriot".

"Tatiana, aren't you ashamed to send Victory Day greetings from Dubai? Isn't your grandfather rolling over in his grave?" the fans ask a rhetorical question.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a week ago Navka received negative feedback for her new photo shoot.


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