"There are two dimensions": Stoltenberg explains what Ukraine needs to do for NATO membership

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Ukraine will become a member of NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained what Ukraine has to do to become a member of the Alliance. According to him, there are two main criteria that are not related to each other.

He made this statement during a press conference following the first day of the summit in Vilnius. The first aspect concerns reforms and interoperability of armies.

"We have to understand that there are two dimensions here. The first is the level of strengthening of defence institutions, how Ukraine has strengthened governance, including the fight against corruption. We address these issues every time NATO expands. We want to accept countries with modern defence institutions and joint defence institutions and forces," explained Stoltenberg.

The second point, he said, concerns the war that Russia has unleashed in Ukraine.

"There is another dimension - the fact that there is a war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are showing courage and competence that has impressed the whole world, but at the same time, I think all NATO members agree that as long as there is a war going on, it is not the right time to make Ukraine a full member of the Alliance," the NATO Secretary General added.

It is worth noting that NATO members have confirmed that Ukraine will become a member of NATO and agreed to cancel the Membership Action Plan requirement. This will change Ukraine's membership path from a two-stage process to a one-stage one.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Vilnius for the NATO summit on 11 July. The head of state is expected to speak at 18.00 Kyiv time, Ukrainian media reported;

- US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that Joe Biden would be waiting for a personal meeting with Zelenskyy at the summit.

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