Lukashenko called Xi Jinping a friend at a meeting in Beijing, while the latter spoke of "titanic changes" in the world

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Lukashenko calls Xi Jinping a friend at a meeting in Beijing

Belarusian self-proclaimed president  Oleksandr Lukashenko arrived in Beijing and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Minsk dictator called the Chinese president a friend, and the latter said that political mutual trust had been strengthened.

Lukashenko also revealed that when he arrived in China, he was able to sleep well. This was reported by Belarusian propaganda media.

During his meeting with Xi Jinping, Lukashenko said that he felt very calm in China. The dictator also said that the West should thank Beijing for peace and normal life.

"When you said that you can rest in peace... When there are disputes in the West about China, they start criticizing China for something. I answer: "You should be grateful that one and a half billion people on the planet live a peaceful, good, normal life. In our time, this is worth a lot," Lukashenko said.

For his part, Xi noted the positive dynamics in Belarusian-Chinese relations. According to him, in early 2023, Beijing and Minsk reached "important agreements in favor of the dynamic development of China-Belarus relations."

In addition, the Chinese president emphasized that the modern world is undergoing "titanic changes," while acknowledging that new challenges and risks are emerging. Xi also praised Lukashenko for maintaining "social harmony and stability" in Belarus.

"Under the strong leadership of the president, your country has managed to overcome the impact of various negative factors, maintain social harmony and stability, and realize economic recovery and growth, which has laid a solid foundation for further development," Xi Jinping said.

In early November, Lukashenko  spoke cynically about Ukraine again. He said, "Ukraine will still be ours," and suggested that the war in Ukraine had "faded into the background" due to the escalation in the Middle East, which he called a "mess."

Earlier, the European Union called on self-proclaimed President of Belarus Oleksandr Lukashenko to release all political prisoners in the country. They noted that the human rights situation in Belarus is deteriorating every year.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the European Parliament recognized Lukashenko as involved in the aggression against Ukraine and demanded that the International Criminal Court issue an arrest warrant for him. MEPs consider it necessary to apply sanctions mechanisms against Belarus that are in place against Russia.

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