What to see in Croatia: the best tourist destinations

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What to see in Croatia

Croatia is a pearl of the Mediterranean located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. The country is washed by the Adriatic Sea and is rightfully considered the sunniest in Europe, so it's no wonder that this region is so popular among travelers.

If you have long dreamed of visiting picturesque Croatia, we have prepared a selection of the best tourist destinations for every taste.


A capital city with a rich history and countless interesting locations worth seeing with your own eyes. Zagreb is conventionally divided into the Upper Town - the old part with historical buildings - and the modern Lower Town.

Those who enjoy cultural recreation will definitely find something to do, as there are 16 theaters, 22 museums, and 31 art galleries. The most popular museum is Mimara, which has a collection of more than 3,500 works of art. Another highlight is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which houses the belongings of former lovers.

Go for a walk along the cobblestone streets of the medieval Old Town, where you can explore the famous stone gates that were built in the 13th century. Visit the incredible churches: St. Mark's Church, the Cathedral, St. Catherine's Church, or St. Francis Church. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of modernity in the Lower Town by going shopping or to trendy restaurants.

What to visit:

  • Lotrščak Tower;
  • Maksimir Park;
  • Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • Old Masters Picture Gallery;
  • Ilica Street.
What to see in Croatia: the best tourist destinations


Istria is a city of incredible beauty on the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The region is famous for its ancient Roman buildings, one of which is a beautifully preserved amphitheater located on the outskirts of the historic center.

The mild climate, calm sea, and pine forests attract tourists from all over Europe like a magnet. Here you can relax on luxurious beaches covered with fine pebbles or explore the ancient traditions of winemaking or fishing.

We also recommend visiting the neighboring town of Porec, where you can admire the temples and fortress walls, and the ordinary courtyards will amaze you with the variety of greenery. By the way, you can go on an excursion to Venice from the local port.

What to visit:

  • the main square, the Forum;
  • The Golden Gate;
  • Brijuni National Park;
  • Valsaline Bay;
  • Crveni Otok, Duga Uvala, and Bijeca beaches.
What to see in Croatia: the best tourist destinations


The capital of the province of the same name is located in the middle part of the Adriatic coast. The nature of the region is strikingly beautiful: steep cliffs hanging over the deep and clear sea. Here you can hide from the world in cozy bays or enjoy the special air of coniferous forests.

The history of the city dates back to the 9th century BC, so you will definitely find something to see while walking around the old part of Zadar. One of its main symbols is the Church of St. Donatus, which works as a museum and hosts classical music concerts in the summer.

The hallmark of the region is the Sea Organ, which has become a vivid example of how something new can be harmoniously combined with ancient architecture and powerful elements. This organ was designed by a local architect who placed the pipes of the instrument so that the sea waves and wind "play" on it, reproducing the melody of nature itself.

What to visit:

  • University of Zadar;
  • the ruins of the Roman Forum;
  • Kolovare and Sharun beaches;
  • Kornati National Park;
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park.
What to see in Croatia: the best tourist destinations


The island, which stretches for sixty-eight kilometers along the coast of Central Dalmatia, attracts travelers with its fabulous bays and coves.

Going for a walk in the city of the same name, you will be impressed by its main square, Piazza. We recommend that you take this opportunity to wait for the sunset by climbing the walls of the fortress, which offers a magical view of the neighboring islands.

One of the most famous events of the warm season is the Summer Festival in Hvar, which lasts from early June to late August and is accompanied by concerts, performances and folklore ensembles. Wine festivals and Fishermen's Nights are also popular among tourists.

What to visit:

  • Hvar Arsenal;
  • Spanjola Fortress;
  • Dubovica, Amfora, Hula Hula, Bocic, and Soline beaches;
  • Lastovo Nature Park;
  • Split city.
What to see in Croatia: the best tourist destinations


One of the most famous resort towns in Croatia is located in the south of the country. It is famous for its mild Mediterranean climate. Dubrovnik is included in the UNESCO list of the best Renaissance monuments.

While here, be sure to set aside time to walk around the historic center. There you will see the ancient walls, visit the Gothic Sponza Palace, and admire the unusual fountains. We recommend observing the city from Mount Saj, where there is an observation deck.

The coastline in this area is rich in countless unspoiled bays, which offer unsurpassed views of the Elafiti Islands. We also recommend visiting the cable car to get a bird's eye view of the city and the coast.

What to visit:

  • Vlach Church;
  • Dominican and Franciscan monasteries;
  • the palace of the prince;
  • the oldest synagogue in Europe;
  • Cava, Galija, and Lokrum beaches.
What to see in Croatia: the best tourist destinations

Discover Croatia and experience the true magic of the Mediterranean. This country will enchant you with a harmonious combination of rich history and vibrant beach vacations. The sunny country is waiting for you!

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