What to do with children at home when there is no electricity and internet

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Today's children may feel anxious about the lack of power and internet - you can help them cope

It can be very difficult for parents when there are blackout schedules and there is no electricity or internet at home. Children lose their usual entertainment and may start to be capricious.

So there is a need to entertain them with something. OBOZ.UA has collected several methods that may interest your child.

Do creative activities together

Any joint creative activities are beneficial to family relationships. So now that you have some free time, use it for this very purpose. Draw illustrations for your child's favorite books together, prepare dishes that require artistic decoration, make jewelry and decorative items, assemble construction sets, compose rhymes and fairy tales, sing your favorite songs, or organize a puppet theater. Any creative activity relieves anxiety and also contributes to the child's development.

Clean up the mess

You can also do some creative cleaning during a power outage. For example, organize a fashion show during which you go through your child's wardrobe. Put away the things he or she has outgrown, and arrange everything in the closet in a new way.

You can do the same with toys. Take out everything that your child has, come up with a story for each item that explains why it should go back to that particular place after play, and put all the toys away.

Organize a shadow theater

Stand-alone lighting devices - candles, flashlights, etc. - create very expressive shadows. What better time to play shadow theater with your child? Stack figures on the wall, and put on whole performances together.

Get some exercise

Physical activity is another good way to relieve anxiety. Try offering your child some simple exercises. Jump 10 times on one leg, play with your hands, or even just dance. In this case, you can beat the rhythm yourself or sing along.

Play board games and more

Some games - board games and others - do not require bright lighting. For example, jenga or twister. You can also play word games, cities, charades, or crocodile. Older children will enjoy Mafia or Truth or Dare. In the end, you can build a fortress in the middle of the room and act out various skits in it or just sit and chat inside.

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