What to do if your phone falls into water: you should hurry up

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Smartphone falls into water

No one is immune to trouble, so it's not uncommon for a phone to suddenly fall into water. The key is not to panic, shake the phone, or leave it on.

Experts also advise not to use a hairdryer and not to try to dry the gadget with paper towels. ASDA Mobile has published practical tips on how to dry your phone quickly.

Turn off the phone

You need to act quickly. According to experts, the longer you leave your gadget on when it's wet, the more likely it is to be damaged. Turn off your phone as soon as you take it out of the water.

Rules for cleaning

If your phone dropped into a liquid, such as a soda, soup, or juice, try to gently wipe the phone clean immediately after turning it off until it is dry. Alcohol, beer, wine, and sugary drinks leave sticky residue, and salt water can corrode the surface. Thus, wipe the gadget thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Emergency rescue rules

After turning off the phone, remove certain parts to prevent further damage. This applies to:

  • SIM card
  • microSD card
  • battery (if it is possible to remove it)
  • case/cover

You can wipe the phone with a towel. The main thing is that it should be lint-free. Do not allow water to get into cracks and connectors. Remove water from the headphone jack and SIM card holder.

When you can turn on your phone

After your smartphone is as dry as possible, try turning it on. Experts recommend doing this in about 24-36 hours to avoid overheating.

It is better to contact a service center because even if the phone works, it may have serious damage.

What not to do

Experts have compiled the top common mistakes that users often make. So, here's what you absolutely must not do:

  1. Leave the gadget on.
  2. Turn on the phone while it is still wet.
  3. Use napkins or paper towels. This can cause damage to the screen, and lint and small fibers can get stuck in the crevices.
  4. Shake the phone to try to drain excess water. On the contrary, this will move the water inside, creating a greater danger.
  5. Use a hair dryer.
  6. Insert headphones until the phone is completely dry.
  7. Charge the phone.

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