What signs are unlucky at the end of May: the Gemini season will ruin their plans

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Which signs will be unlucky at the end of May. Source: Created with the help of AI

The end of the lucky and energetically powerful Taurus season is approaching. During this period, most people have been feeling pretty good, but the last days of May will be quite different.

Soon, the chaotic energy of the Gemini season will begin to dominate. Astrologers say it will be particularly harmful to some zodiac signs.


Taurus has been living a full life and luck has been on their side. However, get ready for the situation to change. It may turn out that your usual lifestyle will cause financial problems. Therefore, it is better to give up a lot of entertainment, relax, and start accumulating savings.

The end of May may also put Taurus through a test that will be the result of your actions. For some, the lesson will be painful, for others, it will be instructive. In any case, try to draw wise conclusions.


Cancers may feel as if their life is on hold. The situation is aggravated by the fact that work is no longer enjoyable, boredom has appeared in relationships, and friends have not invited them for coffee for a long time.

The Gemini season can force you to take matters into your own hands and take action to improve your situation. Therefore, the end of the month can be difficult. You will feel powerless and start to doubt your strength. However, it is worth remembering that after every difficult period, better times come. Hard work will bring results, but later.


Capricorns value balance and calm above all else. For this reason, the end of May can be extremely difficult for them.

Your life is likely to be in chaos, and your inner peace will be disturbed. An overly intense rhythm of life, business trips, or visits from friends can make Capricorns stop respecting their own needs and adapt to others. You'll want to rest and pause, but it's not a given that you'll be able to. Lack of balance may force you to rethink your priorities and give up certain aspects of your life.


Pisces is a very sensitive sign that is often guided by its intuition, so people born under it may be out of luck at the end of May. This period will bring them many challenges. You may be faced with difficult decisions that will require you to take a new approach to solving problems. Learn to listen to your mind, not your feelings, and beware of pressure from strangers and even close people.

If you want to hear an objective assessment of any situation you find yourself in, then turn to friendly earth signs. They will be able to give good advice.

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