What is the value of each figure: a challenging math puzzle for the smartest

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A math puzzle. Source: reddit.com

Math puzzles are the best way to practice your logic for both adults and children. Since they can have multiple solutions, these tasks force people to think outside the box.

Recently, a puzzle appeared online that makes even the smartest people question their math skills. Read on to put your intelligence to the test.

Look at the picture. The numbers at the end of each row and column are the result of adding the digits hidden behind the symbols. Try to find the value of each one.

What is the value of each figure: a challenging math puzzle for the smartest

Such tasks may seem simple at first glance, but in reality, not everyone can handle them. Solving such problems requires patience, attentiveness, and the ability to apply logic and mathematical methods.

Puzzles not only test your math skills but also train your brain and develop skills that are useful in everyday life. Each new task presents us with a unique challenge that requires concentration to overcome. This helps to develop resilience and perseverance in achieving a goal.

If you have some difficulty solving a problem, we suggest looking at one of the possible solutions. Try practicing on easier problems so that you can do better next time.

Solving the problem

To begin, let's define the symbols. Q is a square, T is an asterisk, D is a rhombus, and X is an exclamation point. Now we can make the following equations.


  1. X+Q+T+D=20;
  2. Q+T+D+X=20;
  3. 2Q+X+D=18;
  4. D+Q+2T=23;
  5. 3T+X=17.


  1. X+2Q+D+T=23;
  2. 2Q+2T+X=18;
  3. 2D+2T+X=32;
  4. D+X+Q+2T=25.

If we subtract column 4 from row 1 or 2, we get T=5, since D+X+Q+2T-X-Q-T-D=25-20.

Now the value of T can be substituted into line 5 and it turns out that 3*5+X=17. That is, X = 2.

If you subtract row 3 from column 2, 2T=D, so D=2*5=10.

Therefore, if T+X+D+Q=20, then 5+2+10+Q=20, 17+Q=20, Q=3.

The correct answer:

Exclamation point = 2, square = 3, star = 5, rhombus = 10.

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