The end of Ukraine and Lviv's accession to NATO: Medvedev has issued a new portion of selected nonsense

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Medvedev once again stated that Ukraine "does not exist" and went on a rant about NATO

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has issued a new batch of nonsense in his "signature style." He managed to link the war between Israel and Hamas, pro-Palestinian rallies in Europe, and Ukraine's accession to NATO.

Medvedev generously seasoned this explosive mixture with Kremlin talking points about the alleged absence of Ukraine, Ukrainians, and the Ukrainian language. Another "pearl" by a representative of the Russian ruling elite appeared on his Telegram channel.

Mentioning the pro-Palestinian rallies in the streets of European cities, Medvedev managed to link the prospects of Ukraine's accession to NATO to them, and suddenly concluded that the West had "recognized" Russia's occupation and annexation of Ukrainian Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

"Europe is seething. Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in the streets against the cynical Western support for violence in Gaza. Amidst the cry of much Middle Eastern blood, some current and former NATO officials are gently throwing out new ideas on Ukraine. They say it should be accepted into the Alliance, but without Crimea and Donbas. So, these territories are definitely not Ukraine in their understanding," wrote the deputy head of the Russian Security Council.

Then the Russian official, who has long been suspected of having an excessive addiction to strong alcoholic beverages, came to even more unexpected "conclusions": he stated that no Ukraine exists, and that President Volodymyr Zelensky is allegedly a usurper.

"It is important to move on. We need to recognize that Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kyiv, and virtually everything else is not Ukraine. After that, there are only three steps to recognizing the obvious: Zelensky, who is not running for election, is not a president, but a usurper. The Ukrainian language is not a language, but a mix. Ukraine is not a country, but artificially assembled territories," Medvedev gave NATO countries "advice" that no one asked him for.

To Ukraine, the great "expert" on democratic elections and ethnopolitics, Medvedev "left" the city of Lviv, which he invariably calls in the Polish manner, trying to emphasize that western Ukraine should allegedly belong to Poland.

"And then what should we accept about NATO, you may ask. Well, you can accept the city of Lemberg and its surroundings (Lviv region for now), if they insist. Or we could even go for more, expanding the criteria for membership in the Alliance once again. To invite Israel along with Palestine, turning eternal enemies into allies. And in addition to them, Afghanistan. It was in vain that the NATO troops stayed there for twenty years in a row. That's when enlightened democracy in the Anglo-Saxon manner will reign in the Middle East. And there will be complete happiness," the representative of the ruling elite of the Russian Federation flashed his "intelligence."

It is worth noting that this time Medvedev managed to avoid his usual threats of a nuclear strike, focusing on his other favorite thesis: denying the right of Ukrainians and Ukraine to exist.

The end of Ukraine and Lviv's accession to NATO: Medvedev has issued a new portion of selected nonsense

Earlier, Medvedev called Bulgarians and residents of the Baltic states a "second-rate rabble". Such "compliments" from a representative of the Russian "political elite" were "honored" by the residents of Eastern Europe in connection with the European Commission's call for the start of EU accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.

Such statements by the former president of the Russian Federation, which positions itself as the main "fighter against Nazism" on the planet, have even stunned Russian propagandists. One of the most popular Kremlin-controlled media outlets in Russia published an article with the headline "Dmitry Medvedev is carried away" after his passage.

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