The 5 best destinations for your first overseas vacation

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Where to vacation in 2023

Traveling abroad is an amazing adventure that can fill you with emotions for a whole year. Especially if it's your first time crossing the borders of your country. Therefore, you should be responsible for choosing a destination and type of vacation. Think about what you like more: excursions to historical locations, long hikes, lying on the beach, or extreme entertainment. And start from there. And the following list of good destinations for tourism will help you.


A great country for your first foreign trip. It's relatively close to Ukraine, so you'll have a wide range of transportation options. You can get to the city of your choice by car, bus, or train. You can also buy tickets for a direct flight from Poland, Hungary, or Slovakia.

Another important advantage of the destination is its diversity. Here you will find the ocean coast, colorful architecture, historical locations, and much more. In addition, you can cover several settlements in one trip, thus seeing more fascinating places.

We advise you to start exploring the country from Lisbon. Rent a bike to have a great time in the Portuguese capital and take a closer look at its incredible architecture. Always take beachwear with you, because wherever you go, there will be a beautiful beach nearby. And be sure to try the local seafood dishes, they are simply incredible.

Don't forget to stop by Porto. The local areas will amaze you with their colorfulness. This is especially true of Ribeira, where luxurious houses stand next to dilapidated huts.

Portugal's countryside is no less interesting. Vineyards, rose gardens, lavender fields... You will find all this on the outskirts of large cities. Do not miss the opportunity to go on a short trip around the country to better understand its atmosphere.

Portugal is well connected by road and rail to other European countries. So, if you want to diversify your trip, you can also go to Spain, France, Italy, or another country.

The 5 best destinations for your first overseas vacation


Germany is a fascinating country for any kind of vacation. But it's especially popular with car tourists, because you won't find roads like this anywhere else in the world. And as a bonus, the drivers are polite and restrained, not honking at you all the time.

By driving or buying a train ticket, you can go on a fascinating journey through various cities in Germany. Berlin, Cologne, Munich... There are many routes. On each of them, you will see ancient architecture against the backdrop of modern buildings, luxurious parks next to incredible entertainment centers, mountainous landscapes giving way to vast steppes. So there is plenty to do here.

Outdoor enthusiasts also like this country. For them, multi-day hikes, camping centers, cycling, hiking and much more are organized here.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you should go to regions with small villages. The local nature will definitely impress you.

And don't forget that Germany is the world capital of beer. So there are many pubs and bars that sell this intoxicating drink. You should not abuse it, but you can try it.

The 5 best destinations for your first overseas vacation


This destination definitely has something to impress you. Many kilometers of beaches, delicious cuisine, vibrant cities, and incredible jungles. You will find all of this in Thailand. So no matter what kind of vacation you like, there's plenty to do here.

Start your trip in Bangkok. This amazing city has a unique atmosphere. Be sure to visit the temples there, walk along the streets surrounded by many different houses, stroll through the bustling markets and try street food. If you want even more emotions, then get to know the nightlife of the capital, it is truly incredible.

Then you can head north and go on a jungle trip. We recommend doing this with a guide. If you're looking for some peace and quiet, then head south, where the country's best beach resorts are located.

The 5 best destinations for your first overseas vacation


An unusual destination for the first foreign trip for those who want to spend a vacation on a Pacific island surrounded by palm trees and incredible views. This is an ideal resort for both a relaxing family vacation and extreme adventures. The main thing is to choose the right place to stay and plan everything well.

It is important to note that different parts of this country have very different pricing policies. Here you will find luxurious villas with private access to the beach and small cottages for a budget vacation. So not only wealthy people can afford such a vacation.

Fiji is one of the favorite destinations for divers. The waters surrounding the archipelago hide incredible reefs and hundreds of species of fish and other ocean inhabitants.

The 5 best destinations for your first overseas vacation

New Zealand

It is a dream country for many tourists. Thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, the wide range of entertainment options, and its compact size, it attracts people from all over the world.

Wherever you start your acquaintance with the country, you will see beautiful nature and friendly people. It is best to travel by rented car: this way you will have time to see many different locations in a short time. From desert areas to the coast, everything here is strikingly beautiful.

Don't forget that New Zealand has become a filming location for many movies, including the cult movie "The Lord of the Rings". Some of the scenery of this movie has become a tourist attraction, so you can see it with your own eyes.

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