Russian propagandist predicts "imminent" end of the war against Ukraine in 2024

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War criminal Alaudinov "predicts" the end of the war in 2024

Russian Major General Apty Alaudinov, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Military and Political Work of the Ministry of Defense, said that their "special military operation" against Ukraine would end in 2024. Of course, the occupier believes that it will be a "victory" for Russia.

He voiced this opinion during the live program of the Kremlin's mouthpiece Vladimir Soloviev. It was almost a week ago, but Russian propagandists have now picked up these words and started to spread the "forecast" online.

"He said that he was confident of Russia's imminent victory and that the 'SMO' would end this year," they quoted the war criminal who commands the so-called Akhmat special forces.

He also spoke nonsense about Ukraine "failing in all directions." In turn, the Russian troops, Alaudinov said, "seize new territories and settlements every few days".

He expressed dreams that in 2024 there would be a "victory" for Russia, after which the "enemies" would allegedly try to harm the terrorist state. Eventually, he added, "nothing will come of it."

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